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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  13/JUL/2010 9:51 PM
Assunto:  bicho

    Thanks, Dale, for your input in the topic.  In fact I didn´t mean  a "suck", it was intended  "a sucker is born every minute'' but, in the haste I "ate" some letters.

     In that day I stayed up all the night, in the Web and the other day I had to work, to go to work early and had to drive, it was a terrible day for me!  Imagine, at same time I had to deal with people and when I was writting down some information about that people I caught myself dreaming in the middle of the jotting down...

     After that I had to come back home, driving, fearful of dreaming in the middle of the driving...but thanks God, nothing happened; sounds like I have a adrenaline effect when I drive.  And I had to, the traffic in this city is a nightmare, you see people crossing streets in a careless way, trucks stop and you have to swerve at short notice (if they are parked in a curve to make deliveries - GLP gas, or to gather the garbage bins etc...you never know...).

     The other day, early in the morning a car was stopped in the other lane and ass was laying near it, the car front damaged, the driver I don´t know where...how come a stray animal like this in capital? don´t know...

     This not speak the guys the motorcyclist; the other day a guy turned right, crossed right in front of my car...luck that I had room to maneuver, and slow-break a bit (if you break quickly, at short notice, the guy behind you is going to give a kiss in your little companion and you are going to have a headache, starting from the arriving late at work...a lose-lose situation.

     In the next, post, coming soon I will be back to the subject of "zebra", pause to a coffee here.  

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