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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  21/JUL/2010 2:58 PM
Assunto:  Ovo choco
Mensagem:  I wonder if "choca galinha" is "laying hen" (also called "layer hen" or simply "layer").

"Stale egg" is possible and would be understood, but it's not widely used.  I think in the USA you would hear an explanation among consumers such as "These eggs are old", "These eggs are not fresh", etc. 

A "rotten egg" is quite rare, but the term is used and understood.  I bought some eggs outside Sao Francisco de Paula (RGS) that were either old or rotten.  Whatever it was that they were, they made me sick.  LOL 

A "good egg" is a good person, a nice fellow.  A "bad egg" is more or less a "malandro".
"To egg someone on" is to provoke, verbally push/force someone to do something.
"To egg someone" is to throw eggs at somebody or his property (such as a car, house, etc.)
"To put all your eggs in(to) one basket" is to risk all your assets at the same time.  (If you invest all your money in silver coins, you have put all your eggs in(to) one basket.  If the price of silver goes down, you have lost everything.  You are also putting all your eggs in(to) one basket if all your major military leaders travel in the same airplane.  If it crashes...)

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