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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  25/JUL/2010 10:08 PM

  My bad! You´re right, thanks for the correction.
  Indeed the article was THE NEW GENERATIONS:  STUDENTS WHO DON’T STUDY by Henry H. Bauer Professor of Chemistry & Science Studies.
   So, you´re right, I give my arm for twisting...he he.

   Part of him here...I will express my views sometime soon, I hope, since I am having

a helluva week.  So many jobs, my plate is full!

   Here goes, some of the article, don´t you feel something familiar to our schools in Brazil? I mean, most of it and state-funded ones...


   It´s not about the pupil that study, indeed a exception to the rule.
   In our days, a diligent pupil stood out in the middle of the body of students that don´t study, the one´s that have the "gimme" attitude, don´t you think?
   The point is, these are getting worringly commom, even coming to a standard status in our country and abroad.



  Now Prof Bauer´s work   =>excerpt, because the text is big...but good.

  I am a teacher.… The life I lead is the most agreeable I can imagine.
 [In the] classroom … there await me a group of intelligent and curious young … [people] who read the books assigned them with a sense of adventure and discovery,
discuss them with zest, and listen appreciatively to explications I may offer.
What makes the process most satisfying is the conviction that …
education is mankind’s most important enterprise

— an American college teacher, 1962 (1)
We lead students to the fountain of knowledge.
Some will drink deeply, some will take a few swallows, and some will just sip.
An increasing number will, as at the dentist, merely rinse before spitting out
— an American college teacher, 1995 (2)

Here are my theses:
1. An increasing number of college students do not study seriously.
2. Their attitude is increasingly a “Gimme!” one: they expect good grades without working for them.
3. The students expect to be respected even as they offer their instructors little respect.
4. With the rarest exceptions, educational administrators and leading spokespeople have not acknowledged these circumstances.
5. Morale among teachers is low and getting lower, as they are caught between the rock of declining studiousness and the hard place of getting no support from their institutions if they try to maintain standards.

There are some necessary caveats that ought to be understood whenever one generalizes in so sweeping a fashion:
1. A general tendency is being described, which affects some students more than others and some hardly at all; thus:
2. I continue to encounter students whom it is a true pleasure to have in class.
3. Moreover, the failings that I draw attention to, which reflect the characteristics of a large and increasing proportion of students, are surely not the simple fault of those students. We are facing a new cultural phenomenon.
But those caveats make the problems no less real or worrisome.

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