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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/AGO/2010 11:16 PM
Assunto:  Managerial Dashboard...

   Also; looks like they created a fancy name to a consolidated group of tools, index, monitors, charts, all in one; and they call it managerial dashboard.

   When you are driving or are in the front seats of a car, you might have a general view (an overview) of everything around, this is an "dashboard view".

   The same principle applied to Management it would be the "managerial dashboard". 

   Well, it was my feeling of it; but I would be glad to know more of the matter.

   So long, tomorrow I am back.




Charting & Reporting :

View your data as bar, line, gantt or pie charts with just the click of a button
Provides real-time process and project information
Comprehensive set of predefined reports
Set and save filters for often used reports
Lock into report mode
Export data in XML for adhoc reporting
Improve managerial effectiveness through real-time reporting
Produce client-specific reports
Track progress of implementations
Use historical time tracking for more accurate forecasting
Creates the managerial 'dashboard' view of progress  

Dashboards to monitor performance across Businesses, Products & Systems
Most Business Managers continuously monitor their performance by defining multiple
Business Success Factors or Key Performance  Indicators  (KPIs). For an organization
this becomes continuous, enterprise wide processes that helps ongoing monitoring as
well as identify opportunities for strategic improvement initiatives. 
To  this  end  representation  of  the  KPIs  on  a  holistic,  single  platform  become
inherently  important  to  enable  the  business  managers  visualize  their  overal
performance,  in  short  a  Dashboard.  A  plethora  of  artistic  representations  can  be
formed  to  suit  ones  requirements  – be  it bells  and whistles, maps,  traffic  lighting
dashboard meters, bar charts – but the most  important part  is to have an approach
that  can  provide  for  preparing  comprehensive  business  measures.  Kairoleaf’
approach to dashboard preparation enables this.

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