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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  16/AGO/2010 1:25 AM
Assunto:  sorry

  Interesting one, Dale! the awesome insights of yours.


  It seems that are some differences of those of our law-enforcement and prison system.

  In fact, in Brazil, we have police stations that are used as jails.   I mean, there a crowd there awaiting trial or transportation to prison.

  If somebody (unfortunately) get there in the wrong side of the law, and he is not bailed out the soonest, he is getting himself in cells the size of a sardine can, with more than 30 others prisoners.


   The (unwritten) sentence start right the day somebody is nabbed, don´t matter what he did.  So, he is convicted on spot (by fate, once he has not been prosecuted or even been heard by a lawyer or judge etc).



   Many times being convicted is a relief of sorts, since the inmate is going to bigger premises (managed by states), if he is regarded as more dangerous he might be have more luck (going to a federal one), where he will be unreachable by his enemies...


  If he is going to a federal prison, but it isn´t a "maxim" he may use cell phones and all, outsmarting the staff and managing his ''business'' out there.


  By the way, the taxpayer spend more two times much with an inmate than with a student in high school.   That´s more, recently a bill was passed that allows the inmates to earn stipends (wages, I would say) because they are out from the job market! 

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