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Autor:  Ricardo - EMB -
E-mail:  emb@sk.com.br
Data:  11/JAN/2003 11:36 AM
Assunto:  Re: Phrasal verbs
Mensagem:  In the study of English grammar phrasal verb is a type of verb that operates more like a phrase than a word. They derive primarily from verbs of movement and action combined with particles of direction and location. Phrasal verbs are usually informal, emotive and slangy, and often contrast with synonymous verbs of Latin origin. Ex:
They used up (consumed) all the fuel.
They gathered together (assembled) in the hall.
The soldiers moved forward (advanced).
The meeting has been put off (postponed).
The firemen put out (extinguished) the fire.

Source: McArthur - The Oxford Companion to the English Language - Oxford University Press 1992

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