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Autor:  pat
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  11/JAN/2003 4:31 PM
Assunto:  Re: Phrasal verbs
Mensagem:  Caro Ricardo, Eu estava lendo já sobre o frasal verbs no sk/website. Este é muito interessante! No fato, como se um falante nativo, eu nunca pensei deste fenomeno antes. Então o term "phrasal verb" é unique ao inglês, eu posso ver. Here is why it is so interesting: every one of the phrasal verbs in the list is of Anglo-Saxon, or Old English derivation. And, I believe, every example can be substituted with a Latin-root verb used in normal (not phrasal) conjugation. Examples: "I will look into this matter" = "I will investigate this matter" "She broke down in tears" = "She collapsed in tears" "They drove back the enemy" = "They repeled the enemy" "We sent for the doctor" = "We requested the doctor" "I brought in a new idea" = "I introduced a new idea" I don't think it is mere co-incidence that all these "phrasal" verbs are Old English; part of what we are seeing here may be a relic of the very complicated Germanic verbal conjugation system. Also, as a result of the Norman conquest, the majority of the Old English abstract verbs were lost; it is likely that many of these examples had other verb choices before the conquest. Since the English peasantry would never accept or use the Latin based vocabulary, these ancient constructions persisted. Actualmente, o inglês moderno é duas linguas differente. Mais Americanos usam o vocabulario quase compretamente "old-english". Se eu uso palavras como: "persist", "desist", "suffice", etc - no place de "last", "stop", "be enough", eles provavelmente nao saberam o que eu estou tentando dizer.

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