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Autor:  Fox Fox
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Data:  02/NOV/2010 6:31 PM
Assunto:  U.S. Election


BLITZER: Mary Snow, thanks very much. From Boston, let's up to Alaska. Sarah Palin is heading back to her home state to campaign for the tea party candidate who took the Republican Senate primary in Alaska, but that candidate, Joe Miller, suddenly finding himself in some serious hot water over a past ethics violations. Brian Todd is picking up the story for us. Brian, tell our viewers what's going on?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Wolf, Joe Miller has generated nationwide buzz since he beat Lisa Murkowski in the primary. She is now a write-in candidate. They are running neck and neck, and this development could play at the polls next week.

TODD (voice-over): For a campaign that's been one of the hottest stories in this election cycle, an ill-timed setback. Republican Joe Miller in a virtual dead heat with write-in Lisa Murkowski in Alaska Senate race admittedly lied two years ago after being caught using local government computers to vote in a political poll that he set up, a violation of ethics rule. That's according to internal documents from the Fairbanks North Star Borough where Miller was a part-time lawyer. Local Alaskan newspapers and the associated press sued to get the documents released, and a superior court judge agreed this week. I spoke with Reid Wilson of the political tip sheet, "The Hotline," about the timing. He's basically deadlock with Murkowski in the stretch run here. How much does this hurt him?

Não captei o significado das expressões `realçadas`. Alguém poderia ajudar na compreensão destes tópicos? Grato, Fox Fox


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