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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/NOV/2010 10:07 PM
Assunto:  trabalho escolar de ingles

Only minor corrections or my point of views, subject to further comments.



If a country name includes "States","Kingdom", "Republic" etc, we use "the":

The country I chose was THE United Republic of Tanzania.



It is a country in central East Africa, with an area 945,203 km2; Tanzania is the world's 31st largest country.
[I used IT as a way to replace THIS, since THIS begins the next paragraph.  So, a repeating word]


...where THE parliament is located. 
[There´s only one parliament, so it´s specific.  Looking at this on another way, it is THE parliament of Tanzania; again, we are talking about a specific parliament]



...although THE use of dollars is accepted
[to my mind, it´s an specific use, the use of dollars]



"It IS about 600 km long"


Its industry is mainly limited to processing agricultural products and to (for tourism industry?, I leave it to the experts now).




   *The Bantu tribe: it´s worth noticing that vast regions of Africa are Bantu speakers, so
many people refer to them as Bantu tribes, since Kikuyu, Xhosa and others; are subsets of Bantu tribe (or Bantu people).       

   It may be right to say here, that there are a Bantu tribe, since you are singling out the tribe of Tanzania, albeit I don´t know right now if in Tanzania there are more than one tribe of the Bantu people.

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