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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  14/NOV/2010 6:06 AM
Assunto:  Assasin's creed brotherhood
Mensagem:  It's the name of a video game.  A creed is a set of beliefs, rules, laws, etc. of a religion, profession, etc.  The word "creed" comes from the Latin "credo" (I believe...).  The problem is the order of the words in the name does not make much sense.  It would have been better had they called it "Creed of the Brotherhood of Assassins", "Brotherhood of Assassin's Creed", etc.    A brotherhood may have a creed, but how does a creed have a brotherhood?  Well, try not to lose any sleep over it.

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Assasin's creed brotherhood  –  Dale-USA  17/NOV/2010, 5:50 PM

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