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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  16/NOV/2010 5:50 PM
Assunto:  Recent actions
Mensagem:  I just shot John Lenon - Acabei de atirar em John Lenon

I just heard a loud bang. It sounded as if a gun had gone off - Eu acabei de ouvir (ou eu só ouvi?) um barulho alto...

Be very careful with "just".  Sometimes it means
"acabar de + inifitivo", and sometimes it is used just to add emphasis to the sentence, something like "só" in Portuguese.  "Acabar de + inifitivo" describes something that has happened a moment earlier. 

Let me give some examples;
A.  What happened yesterday?
B.  I took a walk.
A.  Did anything unusual happen during the walk?
B.  I just shot John Lenon.  (This cannot be "Acabei de atirar em John Lenon" because it did not happen within the last few minutes.  It is more like "Well, I shot John Lennon." or "Well, I did shoot John Lennon.")

A.  I heard there was some excitement here yesterday.
B.  Yes, there was a big accident.
A.  What did you observe?
B.  I just heard a loud bang.  And then I saw a lot of dust in the air.  (Again, this is not "Acabei de ouvir..." because he is talking about something that happened a day earlier, not something recent.  A better translation might be "Ouvi um barulho alto.")

Changing the subject slightly:
"Samba de uma nota só" = Samba with just one note  (Here "só" clearly has the meaning of "just" or "only".)

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