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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  21/NOV/2010 10:19 PM
Assunto:  Dia de serviço e escala de serviço

 Escala de serviço -

      I would add something to the explanation above, in Portuguese we have two "escalas de serviço", one may want to know:


      a) Escala de serviço - a física, em papel ou em um quadro, planilha... (the actual thing, the one you see before your eyes as opposed to the abstract concept) would be DUTY SCHEDULE or DUTY ROSTER (roster sheet).

      Duty roster, can be used to display work schedules not only for the police, but for hospital staff, restaurant staff, the military, fire department, etc.


     example -

Please see the image with the caption "DUTY ROSTER: A duty schedule for September shows Brad Craven in the bottom row as being scheduled to work." 


   A doctor´s duty roster




   b) Escala de serviço - Chart/schedule A designação de pessoas para serviços em horas e/ou dias diferentes. O conceito abstrato (the abstract concept)/ work schedule/shift pattern. 



NYPD philosophy about uniform appearance -
"First let me say with 35,000 officers on the roster, your bound to find slobs and it's easier to find them because the roster is so big, NOW... "


police duty roster  (here he explain it as the "shift pattern", as well)



4 on 2 off Schedule? [Archive] - Police Forums & Law Enforcement ...
20 Dec 2008 ... I am working a 4 days on 2 days schedule. I recently changed to this and ...


 I did a search function but coudnt find anything recent. What does the MPD schedule look like? How many shifts are there? What are the hours? If the 5x8hr work week is still on, any chance that will be changing?
A. )
Tours are 8.5 hours. We work 5 on, 2 off.

At my district the daywork tour is 0600-1430 or 0700-1530. The evening tour is 1400-2230 or 1500-2330. The midnight tour is 2200-0630 or 2300-0730. The powershift tour is 1800-0230.



And speaking of tours...

There  shall  be  at  least 11  hours  between  rostered  tours of duty.

I understand that "terá que ser pelo menos 11 horas entre dois turnos (shifts-tours of duty)



   Well, from my readings on the Net.  But I leave a final and conclusive answer to the experts and natives. Let´s wait more comments then.



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