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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  22/NOV/2010 10:56 AM
Assunto:  Teal




  Once within the site you may click on the sample 1, it is the closest I got.  Anyway don´t make justice to the real M´Coy!   =>

9. on the south bank of the Nile River at Daygah in the el-Bellal district at the west end of the Fourth Cataract, Sudan [18d 33.96m N, 31d 56.94m E] (L:25, NM)
Granite gneiss to granodiorite gneiss: dark gray (nearly black on weathered surfaces), medium- to coarse-grained [Precambrian basement]
PHOTOS: sample 1 ; sample 2


   It´s similar to the pattern of the above granite, but being green-coarsed. In Brazilian sites you can see it using "verde martelado",
    I have seen "bush-hammered" in English sites, it´s suggestive (I got my myself wondering about the bush hammered) but appearances can be deceptive.
    So, I stick to "verde martelado" as being without translation for the time being.  Looks like a pattern of green coarsed paint full of potholes of equal size. It´s an interesting thing to see, they use in exhaustors, fans, machines, engines etc.

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