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Autor:  Tiago T.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/NOV/2010 11:22 PM
Assunto:  health club or gym?
Mensagem:  Both expressions are correct, but "gym" is by far the most common (at least in the United States and Canada). Other options would be "fitness club" and "fitness center".

I'd risk to say that the best choice depends on the context. Even though "gym" is more common, it sounds a bit informal in my opinion. Therefore, "health club" might be a better option in a formal written text. What do you guys think?

You should also bear in mind that the word "gym" can also be used to describe an indoor sports facility ("ginásio"), so it is not as precise as the other terms. If the word "gym" may cause ambiguity in your text, then you should consider using expressions such as "fitness center" and "health club".

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