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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/NOV/2010 12:04 AM
Assunto:  What do you think about this?

   I was wondering: Is it REALLY necessary to teach grammar structure to students who just want to learn how to speak?
   Honest? depends on the level of the student, the area of interest (is he going abroad to take a job? or to Orlando just to have fun?), who he is going to interact? is he going to take an English test?  So, depends of what is at stake, I think.

   If your question had been "it is necessary to teach to the student that already know something about grammar...and wants to practice conversation...then would be totally another can of worms.


   In fact, everybody needs a little bit of grammar to speak in any language, examples: all adjectives in German are capitalized; in Portuguese "nariz" is a masculine noun, hence "o

nariz) whereas in Spanish it´s feminine "la nariz".  There is the inversion of adjective-noun when we translate from Portuguese to English etc.     This kind of grammar you have to let the student aware.

   More academical lingo, or deeper issues, you have to judge in the process.


I mean, do I have to teach things such as direct object, noun clauses and all this structural stuff to people who already hate grammar and only want the practical thing?

   Perhaps most of times you shouldn´t teach; but there are times you do need to. 

Natural approach perhaps? If so, how does that work for you?

   For example I read a novel and see conversations in wich character speak in what seems a mangled grammar, but it is the talking of the streets. It´s natural, then.

   But, if I am going to talk to a more erudite person, reading certain books or trying my luck into a Toefl, I have to go to the Grammar books.  

   You can see that even in News sites, if you compare The Economist with some tabloids for example.



   And, finally, I am glad that you liked the Forum, I am with you in that view.

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