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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/NOV/2010 12:17 PM
Assunto:  Out grown

   Hi teacher, thank you for the praise. Very kind of you, indeed.

   There´s a long way to go, but as I said, I am not in a hurry!

   Yes, you must be proud of being half "piaiuense", a state that I never been yet, but I have a close friend of Teresina origins, and that lives currently in Rio.

    Indeed, there are good and warm people everywhere; that´s a lesson I took early in

life.  I took the road in early days, I had family scattered everywhere in RN and I lived with parents in several cities there at the time.

    And yes, most northeastern people are to be proud of, I think that´s not because the region in itself; but because of their way of life.

    Well, many people live in rural areas and live in a non-urban environment.

    Architects and engineers say that cities are designed in a non-friend way, favouring more isolation and egotism than bonding activities and teamwork; yeah, teamwork is a concept that comes with money in big cities.   And sometimes money is a weak incentive. 

    The proof of that is that  people here leave their family and go to Sao Paulo, people in Minas leave their family and go to US, and the dekaseguis leave their families in Sao Paulo to go Japan...

    In the very end money is not the principal issue, since from the day one they think about amassing enough to come back!

    Of course this is not a pattern to everyone, there are people that will like the place they go and settle nicely for good!   Depends how well they do there, and not just money-related.

    I have friends in SC, RS and other states as well, some I lost touch but others keep communicating. 

    I live in João Pessoa as yet, but I don´t know about the English market, to me Natal is more developed and Recife and Fortaleza are the places to think seriously about teaching (even tough, there´s no free lunch...and they seem more violent)

   Well, I am not into the English market; so are impressions of mine.
   Nevertheless, the topic is open to everybody´s view and contribution.  I may be mistaken on some points and would be glad to know others Brazilian views here. 


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