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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/JAN/2011 11:21 PM
Assunto:  Tanto.... que..

       "Of course he hasn't come to work, his trash can is empty and his mail hasn't even been opened."

       Ha ha ha, nice one to add to the list,  Teacher.  And well noticed.
       Indeed, there are companies and companies, and there are bosses and bosses within them.  

       I have heard of companies in wich the CEO don´t allowed chairs in front of his bureau, this way people that come to him wouldn´t take long! Whatever matter they have to deal would be dealt quickly, whereas (he supposed) with chairs the employee/staff would be in his zone of comfort and would stall and stall things...

       There are guys that believe that those that work late are company material, whereas others think not.   So, the latter will think that the employee that works late is lazy and let the work and paperwork pile up or he is not an example of organization.

       Almost the same happens to the desk, I have seen people that have them neat and others have them tidy, and others in-between.

     I have seen guys that have their computer screens with so many post-its that you couldn´t see it through! whereas others had almost no paper around, when somebody else asked something he would know everything by heart!

     Problem, was when the guy went on vacation, nobody had almost any archive to get all that information! The ones that replaced him, were left like headless chickens when

a problems came up.


     Other name of the game, adjusting.

     So, as of today garages aren´t that oily anymore, they have TV room, iced water in clean fridges and an assortment of magazines. The guy that is going to fix your car will get some gizmo resembling a PC and search your car engine and after that there´s no need of washing his hands.

     Even the cars come with acessories like little mirrors to women see themselves in it and put on their lipsticks and all that jazz...

     Maybe many workers in some companies all over Brazil also might check and empty their trash bin, in order let some soda can in it.  Conversely, in others doing so might seen as a signal of slopness, mainly in the ones wich are close to an anthill!


    Kidding around, thanks for sharing your experience with us.




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