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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/JAN/2011 12:49 AM
Assunto:  Tanto.... que..


    It is a different sense, not the one in the initial thread.


   There "tanto que" it´s a conjunction that explain things (in Portuguese a ''conjunção explicativa", sort of). 



   So much so, as pointed out it´s more on the "to such a great degree" side.

   Thus in the case of above "messed up table" we aren´t talking about  the same "tanto que"


   One would be "tanto é que, posto que, uma vez que, de onde se concluí que..." (explicativo);  and the other a matter of degree something is ruined/harmed etc "de tal modo, a tal ponto que..., de tal forma que, tanto tanto que..."



 You might to think in Portuguese, if you could replace "tanto é que" for "posto que, considerando que..." the table was messy; then you couldn´t use "so much so". 




 Computer games opened a new world, so much so you wonder what you used to do with your free time.

  (Jogos de computador abriram um novo mundo, tanto é que [significando de uma tal forma que/ o grau de abertura que eles proporcionaram]  você fica pensando o que costumava fazer com o seu tempo livre )


   Justin Bieber is really committing to his acting — so much so that it landed him in the hospital Wednesday.

     (Justin Bieber realmente está  comprometido com a sua carreira de ator - tanto é que   ela o levou ao hospital na quarta-feira.)





    Granted;  "tanto é (que)" in Portuguese seems a dubious and fuzzy concept.  One could easily think that in the two above examples "tanto é que" are just explanations, not degrees of effect in some happening.



      That´s why, I think the sentence  "He didn't come to work. So much so that his desk is still a mess." doesn´t fits. 




     I hope I have been clear, anyway in the Dictionaries you can pick some phrases for training picking up the differences.


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