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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  03/FEV/2011 3:04 AM
Assunto:  Sendo que...

   O presente contrato, terá duração de 100 meses contados a partir da data da assinatura deste, sendo que o locador compromete-se a restituir o bem...


                                             EQUIPAMENT PLAN LEASING

                                                     TERMS OF LEASE
  This contract contract of  leasing, wich term is 100 months period at R$ 2,00 per month made and executed this ____of __________ 20___ Recife, Brazil by and between.
__________________________________, João, of legal age, single/married to, with post address at ________________________, hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR/SELLER.
-AND –
__________________________________, Zé, of legal age, single/married to, with postal address __________________________, hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE/BUYER.
at the end of the lease (or at lease expiration) wich shall terminate on the ending date of the 100 month period,
the lessee shall return the equipament.
Equipment will be delivered by:  Lessor at Lessor´s expense/Lessee at Lessee´s expense etc.  

Name and describe the Equipment being rented and indicate its approximate cash value.
[                                                                                                                                ]
[                                                                                                                                ]
[                                                                                                                                ]
(e.g., new or used, year, make, model, serial number, color, other identifying characteristics.)




   As you see, I didn´t cover everything, only the general terms of a contract,

For a more detailed one, go to       http://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/equipment-rental/

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