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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/FEV/2011 11:52 AM
Assunto:  Computer Ability for Languages

    I am more into the CNN´s  opinion guy,  Humans know hype when they see it.

    Not that we are pessimistic about technology, it´s about "humanizing" it and about recognizing the weaknesses of it. 

    Of course, the engineers and scientists are out to overhype their discoveries, just okay, nothing bad about that. We the man at the street have to get some critical thinking, that´s it.

    To talk is not the same as to think, to know the philosophy, sociology, and so on.

     As of today, not even to differentiate one culture of another the machine can do, let´s say...African countries, English countries, etc can speak in English but to speak one language don´t mean to turn interacting that much easy.  The matter of approach, how marketing, for example, is going to work when transplanted from one society (or group, as you wish) to another.

    Well, one day man-machine is going to get to a balance, but it´s far from it.

    Anyway, to the ones that think it isn´t so; think about it in another way, at least we nitpickers, pessimistic, demanding, perfectionists serve to a purpose: these tech guys will have a hard time and will perfect their systems.



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