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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  01/MAR/2011 7:59 PM
Assunto:  carnaval

 Carro alegórico - float.


   Trio elétrico - Well, band float or a band on a float, but that is just that; tough a bit decorated the truck is not that powered like the ones in Brazil, quite simple I would say. Anyway the joy is guaranteed.     Wouldn´t translate our tall and high powered (with generators with plenty of horsepower and people on their roofs, bands and all that jazz. I mean, all that samba, axé, or other African rhytms! )



  Now the Brazilian counterpart...


  A huge truck with an advanced and powerful sound system that works as a moving stage in Carnival




  PARTY TRUCK, a truck used in Carnival celebrations that is outfitted with speakers and sometimes features bands on the roof.



(CNN) -- At least 16 people were killed in southern Brazil at a pre-Carnival party when a power line burst over a party truck, electrocuting revelers, the Minas Gerais state fire department said Monday.
The accident happened Sunday night during festivities in Bandeira do Sul, about 190 miles north of Sao Paulo.
Coiled party ribbon thrown into the air may have hit the power line and caused it to come loose, the fire department said. The ribbon may have had a metallic element to it, officials said.
The wire hit a "trio eletrico," a truck used in Carnival celebrations that is outfitted with speakers and sometimes features bands on the roof. One victim was on the trio eletrico, and the others were on the street around it, the fire department said.



The partygoers were following a sound truck that was booming music when the accident happened in front of the town's main plaza. Such street parties are common across Brazil in the days before and during Carnival, which officially opens Friday.


On Feb. 20, a 21-year-old woman in Rio de Janeiro died after falling 13 feet (4 meters) from atop a Carnival sound truck in front of Copacabana beach, striking her head on the pavement.




Might be other ways to say that, the concept is like the above presented.

I mean, it´s more on the sense of it than plain translation.

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