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Autor:  elis
E-mail:  beth_mantovani@hotmail.com
Data:  08/ABR/2011 11:30 PM
Assunto:  Perfect tenses
Mensagem:  Hello Guys!!!

I have some questions about the use of Present Perfect/Past Perfect and their Continuous forms, I did these exercises, but I'd like to get a correction. I don't have the key answers.

a) When Mary left the boss's office, her eyes were red. I think she had been crying.
b) My mom and dad have lived in Brazil, England and France.
c) My mom and dad have been living in Brazil, England and France by their third year of marriage.
d) My mom and dad had been living in Brazil when they had my older sister. *  Could I also use Past continuous? but I don't see interruption in the action.
e) Peter  had a car accident! He has been in the hospital since last week.

Please, help me!!

Thanks in advance

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