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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  10/ABR/2011 10:20 PM
Assunto:  Degree / Cálculo

   In fact, in Maths "Grade" is translated into "Grado" and Degrees into "Graus".

   Grade is a remaining of the French system, anyway there are a few calculations in wich

you have to set a scientific calculator to Degree and others to Grade (if memory serves well, you can´t solve the sine of a number without setting it to Grade).


   Anyway, the most important is to solve and know what is degree, at least till you get

to college level.

   Outside that, you may learn how to convert one to the other.  In this site you see how:




Unit of Centesimal System:
The principal unit of this system is grade(g).
One grade is equal to one hundreds part of a right angle.
One grade = 100 minutes
1 minute = 100 seconds
1 right angle = 100grades
Centesimal System : Examples :
1.Convert 75 degrees into Grades( Centesimal system).
Solution: The relation between grades and degrees is
D/180 = G/200
Therefore 75/180 = G/200
G = 83.33
2.Convert 100 grades into degrees?
Solution: The relation between degree and centesimal system is
D/180 = G/200
Therefore D/180 = 100/200
D =90
Therefore the number of degrees is 90





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