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Autor:  Gus_RJ to PPaulo.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/ABR/2011 12:09 PM
Assunto:  Schoolhouse...
Mensagem:  Yeah, You really got that right. All those nicks belong to the same person - me!!!!
PPaulo, I do have a passion for english. I do wish I were able to speak it full time. Now, unfortunately, I rarely speak in english. I´ve never been abroad either. I dream that I still have and look so forward to attaining, you know.
BTW, do you live in Rio? What do you do? Do you teach english? Your english´s outstanding, indeed. I used to teach english and worked as an interpreter of Christian Americans for years. Since, I´m a Christian(Baptist).
I used to attend a long time ago a church in Leblon named - The International Baptist Church. Those times were fantabulous. My english was amazing! A while ago, or I ought to say,  a short while, I used to go to another one in Barra named - The Union Church of Rio; yet, it´s nothing compared the International one. This latter, no longer exists. It´s a pity. 
I wish if we all lived (Dale, you, Marcos Osório, I guess and others) nearby that we could get together on a weekend for instance, and chat in english all the time. That´d be neat! But....
But, I will be glad to chat with you whenever possible here. 
Do you got either FaceBook or Orkut or perhaps both? kkkkk
See ya.

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