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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/ABR/2011 12:56 PM
Assunto:  Schoolhouse...

    Hi Gus, I can see that you got the bug of learning and using English, your questions here have been ones from a sharp and restless mind. It had to be from someone that had that kind of passsion.
    Certainly you will get there, and you will set foot in some country overseas or abroad.
    In fact I don´t live in Rio, I lived there for sixteen years, in Niteroi where I have some friends.
    Speaking of religion and religious people, sometimes I was coming home and I saw some missionary making his sermon in English in the "barcas terminal" (ferry wharves terminal) and a Brazilian guy was his interpreter, and he interpreted rigth there,
on spot.   I don´t go to the church now, but it is good to know that you are a Christian, I have a brother that is Baptist as well, he lives in Mossoro city.
    I work now as a civil servant (public sector).  Sometimes I teach (mostly as a tutor, I mean, when people are in deep waters in school
 they may come to me...), you are being nice saying that my English is outstanding, hehe.  I know that is far from it, anyway it´s flattering coming from you. Thanks.

    I already like to read novels and books in my rare spare time, I just finished "The walk west - A walk across America 2, authored by Peter and Barbara Jenkins.
    My reading tastes are ecletic, I can read about medicine, business, travels, news, pretty much (almost everything).
   From your text, I couldn´t help noticing that you live in some upscale neighbourhood, hehe.  For you congregated in Leblon, Barra, etc.   I lived in a sardine can of sorts!
   Yeah, should we live close to each other I would learn much from you guys, you, Dale, Marcio and others.
   The one that would profit most would be me, believe me, my English sucks!   A proof  of that is that someday ago, I was in the Manaíra shopping (a mall back here) to buy some books and the following story unfolded:   a little  girl of nine or so, seeing these books in English, asked me if I spoke English?   oh, she had perfect accent and was way at easy, I thought she had abroad some.  So, I said I didn´t spoke it, I must have kinda shrugged off, at what she said so so? I repeated so so.
    She explained, half looking to me and half looking to my wife (now in also perfect Portuguese), that she loved English and that watched cartoons, serials, movies, and what you have, in English.
    Anyway, generally I can get by when I meet some people, here we meet some Canadians, people from the US, and others parts of the world, there was a Russian guy and the only way to talk to him was in English (better a guy with broken English to give him directions that no directions at all...).  They cross the world by yachts, and get stay here some, then go up or down in the country shores.
    As a  matter of fact, I don´t have any FaceBook, Orkut, or any other social networking right now, I am a Message Board guy for the time being, I have already plenty on my plate.   Yet, I am planning to join them somewhere in life, when I have more free time.
    Well, thanks for letting us know about you and making me remember of Rio de Janeiro again, hehe.

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