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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  18/ABR/2011 1:25 AM
Assunto:  "Twice As Bright"

      So, it may (in some contexts) be all about  the imaturity and impulsive driving many youngers (and some grown-ups too), have to run as headless chicken to everywhere and nowhere in particular. They want everything, they are restless, but they don´t plan, they don´t weigh consequences...somewhat equivalent to "ser fogo de palha/sair com todo gás como Coca-Cola, mas logo logo acabá-lo....


     As the music has it: "The one with the answer never heard the question", so gung-ho he/she  was..hehe.

     It´s essentially a phenomenon of youth, not necessarily wrong or right in itself.



It takes a grown-up, in other words, to do the hard thinking on the kind of unbridled egoism that only the young can pull off freely, and with any trace of style and panache. Through the lens of maturity recklessness attains some measure of inspired provocation that outlasts the ephemeral provocateur. This is true even if the mature are reluctant to admit it, or do so only subconsciously. Homer was old and blind for good reason: the battlefront hubris of spoiled, sniveling brats took patience to impart sympathetically. (This is a virtue that hitting the retirement age handicapped, in Yugoslavia, invariably affords.) ....
Closer to our own temporal age, biological age is outfitted with an updated notion of heedless or "doomed" adolescence. Most commonly this takes either the leather-and-denim rageaholic form or the wilting Rimbaud-and-V-neck-sweater form. Angry Young Man versus This Charming Man. But, as ever, Byronic self-fulfillment, pretty much by definition, can't keep up the momentum long after puberty hits. Something about candles burning twice as bright and half as long. (See Blade Runner.) And that's if you're lucky and don't survive. God help you if you do, my friend. Then you get the talk about the future -- a "very serious matter," according to the original Byron -- with its mortgaged semis with silver birches, nippers, widowed mums and competitive, high-yield 401K plans.


Yes, there is definitely buzz and energy when a giant, big-box retailer agrees to build new in a community, promising spin-off development and instant tax base surge.

But communities are probably wise to temper the splash with that age-old saying about "lights burning twice as bright, burning half as long."

Final Thought: Some more forward-looking questions might help Oshkosh avoid another glut of large, vacant commercial properties currently hampering city development and image in prominent places.

Keeping study drugs a secret only breeds dangerous behavior

In the wake of final exams, papers, portfolios and the reading, studying, and memorizing sessions crammed in between them, many students at the UI are collapsing with exhaustion. But, quite commonly, the strain of the semester’s end comes not from the all-nighters’ worth of work; there are stronger things than coffee out there. Known in passing mention as “study aids,” a wide market of mental and physical stimulants exist readily at hand, burning much brighter than your average midnight oil. To quote Dr. Eldon Tyrell, “The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long,” and substances in the amphetamine family have a way of dimming remarkably fast and bring with them even darker nights in the forms of depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and addiction, among others. But extremes and downsides come with anything, really; it’s all about moderation and (much, much more importantly) education.


The limited number of moves and lack of depth do hamper the life span of the game, as after a week of play, the fun factor can wear off. This is truly a case of the old axiom of a game "burning twice as bright, but half as long."


Here it is: your final destination                     What a time to lose your sense of direction
It’s the road paved with good intentions       You followed it right to its conclusion

Where were you in the middle of the action?

We might have had a chance against the opposition

Was it all too much to handle                

Burning twice as bright as the other candles?

It’s a shame you couldn’t pay attention

The one with the answer never heard the question; but   Here you are: a bitter disappointment     Some will still remember your old achievements

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