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Autor:  To PPaulo.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/ABR/2011 11:11 AM
Assunto:  Schoolhouse...
Mensagem:  Hey, friend!

I´m sorry for the delay to answer; yet, I had to post this message to you prior to my travelling to the South tomorrow in order to visit my family members there. Furthermore, I´ve been somehow under the weather these days. I guess I got the flu and still feel lazy. It does suck! lolololo.... 
Honestly, I feel sort of afraid of feeling worse due to the weather there, which is usually colder than here in Rio, right?
Hey, Paulo, you´re dead wrong about my financial condition. Even thought, I brought up that I used to visit these churchs, I live in a neighborhood named Valqueire. Have you ever heard? It´s far from both Barra and Leblon. And besides, who am i to live in both neighborhoods? kkkkk
That´s great to hear you´re a civil servant. I too as I mentioned before, have been pursuing my place there. Sometimes, I do feel extremely discouraged due to the rather hard competition. 
I try to read some books in english too. Although, I´m a lazy reader. Still, I got more pleasure to read in english than in portuguese. I´ve just begun reading a book by John Grisham named "The Associate". I does sound to be a good one. I just wonder when I´ll be finishing it, lololo....
I hope you can join one of these social networks mentioned before. Or maybe both, if you want to. It´s kinda fun, you know.
So, I hope you have a great day and let´s touch base whenever possible. Keep up the good english improvement.
Hope you enjoy the extended holiday to the hilt.
See ya, friend!

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