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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  06/MAI/2011 5:59 PM
Assunto:  comanda de restaurante
Mensagem:  I think you are talking about bill or check.   They are used interchangeably in a restaurant, with some preference for check.  A check in this context is a bill, not something you write to pay for something with the money from your conta corrente.  A check is a bill for all you have consumed.

May I have the bill please?
Certainly, I'll bring the check in just a moment.

Frank got stuck with the bill.  He had to pay the entire check himself.

Can you put this on my tab?  (A "tab" is a bill/check that you pay at the end of the month or some other agreed upon time.  Obviously, you must have permission of the owner/manager to have a tab.)

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