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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/JUN/2011 11:57 PM
Assunto:  Prova de recuperação



Please, read “recuperação” and “dependência.


"Exam being retaken."        (Bear in mind, that it would be "the Brazilian way", as far as I know there´s not a "recuperação" abroad, as we see in Brazil.)


"You may want to say take supplementary exams."

ex: My grades are terrible think I'll need to take supplementary exams

                                     (Same observation applies here)






Re: Como dizer "lixa de unha e recuperação" em inglês
 por timphillips » Dom Mar 22, 2009 11:25 pm
This is another culture clash situation.
       A remedial class in England tends to support students with longer term learning difficulties. The idea that in a short time you can quickly study, retake your exams and "pass" moving on to the next stage is a somewhat alien concept in current British educational philosophy (and methodology). Consequently it is fiddicult to find an exact  or even a good translation.
       "Recuperação" is a convenient thing here in Brazil where the concept that students need to "pass the year" in order to progress to the next class or grade is still current. It keeps the number of "repetentes" in state schools down and the number of satisfied fee-paying parents in private schools up.



     If a student appears to be significantly behind the expected level for a class, a teacher may require them to take a remedial class. These classes act as a safety valve for struggling students, allowing them to work at the level they are truly on, rather than fail because they are not on the level with the standards of the class.

      Remedial classes can be a positive environment for students suffering from low-self esteem, as they are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to understand their subject, rather than feeling pressured to understand at once. 
       At the college level, remedial classes are sometimes necessary to compensate for different learning standards at preparatory institutions. Not all schools are created equal, and college may throw together students who have entirely different educational backgrounds. In 2004, a study reported that nearly 66% all new students of community colleges in Houston, Texas had to take remedial classes to put them at the level required by the college.

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