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For undergraduate study, financial aid in the United States is very rare. Also, the US government financial aid program is available only to American Citizens. Therefore, any students from other countries who are not citizens of the USA will not receive any federal financial aid. This means that any financial assistance must come from another source.

Some of the international students in the US are funded by their home government. The commitment they make with the home government is, normally, that they will work for the government for some years after they complete their studies.

Other students are able to find funding from a specific branch of the US government, binational organizations (like the Fulbright Commission) or by private organizations (similar to the Rotary group), or by universities who are willing to support academic learning.

There is no definitive list of all such organizations, but there is a publication called "Funding for United States Study: A Guide for Citizens of Other Nations" which is published by the IIE (Institute for International Education). You may try to find this and other scholarship books in a library near you.

This is how the IIE describes their book: "International students and their US educational advisers find it difficult to identify sources of financial aid for study in the US. Most grants directories offer little or no information on the availability of awards to citizens of other nations. Funding for US Study provides the information international students need. Awards available to undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and working professionals. Hundreds of grants offered by governments, foundations and international organizations. Financial aid offerings and admissions contacts of US colleges and universities, provided by the College Board. Important information specific to international students: nationality requirements and information on whether citizens of other nations already resident in US may apply. 1996. 500 pp book. 8.5x11. Indexes. ISBN 087206-219-8" 05020 The cost of this book is $39.95 (plus shipping fees). Take a look at their web site: <>.

To purchase the book online use this web site: <>

There is also an on-line scholarship databse at <>. Fastweb is designed for Americans, but some awards in this on-line database can be applied for by non-US citizens. It is worth a look.


State and private universities also offer a tuition reduction program for students with good achievement. These merit-based awards are predominantly for graduate studies, but sometimes also available for undergraduate studies at some universities. Depending on the university, tuition waivers can also be need-based or can be granted to minorities or employees. They are not scholarships, though - the student does not receive any money. However, instead of charging out-of-state tuition costs, the university will bill you as if you were a resident of the state (This is can be a significant saving!). There are restrictions on the number of these "out-of-state tuition waivers" that can be provided and there are guidelines on giving these waivers and requirements to be fulfilled. You should contact universities directly to enquire about tuition waiver programs.


Many universities also offer teaching assistanships or research assistanships to higlhy qualified individuals. These assistantships usually include a tuition scholarship and a monthly stipend.

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