Images from August

Dad came to visit me for a weekend and we spent time sightseeing in Porto Alegre, hanging out in the countryside at a sugarcane farm where they distill a potent spirit called Cachaça, and walking the streets of Santa Cruz.

Ipanema beach in Porto Alegre.  Christine (from New Zealand), Dad and I.
This is a freshwater lakefront.

Out for dinner in Santa Cruz.

Out on the farm.  Two oxen which help in the sugarcane harvesting process.

The cart is full of sugarcane which will be pressed into a liquid and fermented.

The orange tanks are full of pressed sugarcane juice.  Yeast is added and it is left to ferment for 24 hours.

This is a distilling tank.  The fermented liquid is channeled into this and distilled into cachaça.

Then the cachaça is left to age in whisky barrels.  Uli (in front) is the owner of the distillery.

Dad with the farm owners testing a shot of cachaça.