More Cavernas


This was one of two waterfalls, called the Beija-flor
which was about 5 km from our campsite.

A few hundred feet away there is another spectacular waterfall.

This stalactite formation to my left called "wedding cake".


After our 15 hour drive to this place, we started
exploring and spent about 10 hours per day
on our feet.  This is day 4....

Our guide was from a local village.  He has
been exploing these caverns since he was 6 years old.  I didn't
understood most of what he said with the incorrect and accented
Portuguese he spoke, but we became good friends anyway.  He discovered on the first day
that I like to slip on rocks and fall on my face.  After that, whenever he wanted to
test a tricky path up or down a dangerously slippery rock, he would yell for me to test it
with him.  After all, if anyone was going to fall, it was going to be Teresa, so he might as
well be there to catch me.